Earthquake Clouds

Earthquake Clouds
a reliable precursor

Zhonghao Shou

Published in Science and Utopya 64, page 53~57, October 1999 (in Turkish)
On August 17, the 7.4 Turkey earthquake occurred. It is the only one larger than 6.9 in the west area from Sri Lanka since May 11, 1997. Its low probability suggests that the hometown of that cloud should be in Turkey. This example tells us that to detect the origin of the cloud, we have a tough job to do.

To prevent a large earthquake, I suggest Turkish people to make an hourly surface wind velocity distribution, and a greatly magnified hourly satellite image, or to detect the vapor directly. I believe that earthquake clouds are reliable for short term prediction, and hope that Turkish people would like this paper.

I thank the USGS, Two “jpg” web pages of uk, Caltech libraries, Dr. Moore, G. and three Caltech Ph.D. students Shou, W.Y., Harrington, D. and Wang, A. S.

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Fig. 2 Image 199907161200.jpg The 7.4 Turkey earthquake cloud.

* All predictions are listed on Web Site: (Before)and (Now)


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