Weather Modification in Aceh and Riau Province

Weather Modifications.
To help to solve the smoke problems in Aceh, weather modification team (UPT Hujan Buatan), BPPT immediately prepared aircraft Casa NC212-200 BPPT that it was doing pioneering flight services in East Kalimantan to be modified from the passenger aircraft to seeder aircraft to be sent to Banda Aceh.
The team of the plane (Casa NC212-200 registration number PK-TLE Plans operated by PT Buana Nusantara Air) has arrived in Banda Aceh on 22 February 2009,the departure was released by Deputy Head of BPPT TPSA Jana T. Anggadireja on Sunday, 22 February 2009 from Great Halim Perdanakusuma. Artificial rainfall operations in the province of Aceh last for 10 days until March 04, 2009.

Governor of the Province Irawandi Jusuf was greatful for the assistance from the TMC air operations by the central government granted to the province of Aceh,because the clouds of smoke can be overcome, especially in the provinces of Aceh Barat and Aceh Jaya

BPPT TMC operations continue to Riau Province.

Artificial rainfall operations in Riau province supported Casa 212-200 BPPT aircraft registration number PK-TLE used in the artificial rain operations in Aceh province. Posko flight activities conducted from Pangkalan Air Simpang Tiga Pekanbaru. Five days after the operation, forest fires, hotspots and smoke were reduced, and the smoke problems were successfully solved by using weather modifications technique (artificial rain).
On the fifth day hot spot no longer exists in the Riau Province, and the BPPT rain operation ended.



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