Absolutely Amazing! A Climate Scientist Writes a Blog Post about…


Watts Up With That?

Please put down your coffee before reading any further.  You wouldn’t want to spritz your keyboard and screen.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

I have a confession to make.  I am one of the very few remaining people around the globe who continue to regularly visit the blog RealClimate.  It’s a curiosity thing mostly, kind of like watching the Titanic sink in slow motion.

RC-titanic_headerI stop by to see what the alarmist wing of the climate science community feels is important enough to spend time blogging about.  Much to my amazement a few days ago, there, sitting at the top of the RealClimate main page, was a blog post about…


…a widget.

A widget? you ask.

Yup, a widget.  Not just any widget, the WattsUpWithThat widget.

The RealClimate post by Stefan Rahmstorf here begins (their boldface):

The “World Climate Widget” from Tony Watts’ blog is probably…

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