The Energetic Flow of Sexual Chi


Shashi Solluna

In Taoism, sexual energy is seen to flow from yin (contracted, innermost) to yang (expanded, outermost) in a continuous cycle, like the seasons.

It’s most yin form, like the deep winter, is potential sexual energy and is like a deep hum in our sexual organs. It is that part of us that brings the impetus to live and to create, a spark of life. Stop right now, close your eyes, breathe into your ovaries or testicles and see if you can find a deep humming vibration, a sense of life force tingling with anticipation. When you find it, smile into it, breathe into it…your unaroused sexual chi.

As this energy begins to move from yin to yang, we may feel desire or arousal. It is like the seeds beginning to sprout! Spring time, excitement, energy building. If it continues to expand it may reach full expansion, or yang…this may be the energy…

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