Kant and Empirical Realism


Empirical Realism

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Over at Cogburn’s blog I noted that there’s a debate brewing over whether or not Kant advocates the thesis that we can know things-in-themselves. Of course, Kant’s thesis is that things-in-themselves exist, but that we can never have knowledge of them. Consequently, any knowledge we do have only applies to appearances or phenomena, or how things are given to us . Whether things exist in this way apart from us, the Kantian contends, is something we can never know. For example, things-in-themselves might be merely “ thing -in-itself”, or a single unitary being without discrete entities. Sometimes it’s suggested that while Kant is a transcendental idealist, he is also an empirical realist . From the thesis that Kant is an empirical realist, it is then argued that Kant endorses the existence of the objects discovered by science as things-in-themselves . This severely misconstrues what Kant means by “empirical realism”. Let’s…

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Indonesia bisa menjadi negara maju ?

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Abdurahman Baizal

Narasumber : Prof. The Houw Liong

Program Studi Fisika Institut Teknologi Bandung


Bagaimana sebenarnya sumber daya alam yang dipunyai Indonesia ini?

Dilihat dari sumber daya alam, Indonesia termasuk kaya. Dari potensi kekayaan alam ini, Indonesia no. 5 terkaya di dunia, sementara itu Amerika, Kanada, China/Tiongkok dan Rusia juga mempunyai ranking di atas Indonesia. Rusia dan Amerika kaya akan bahan bakar fosil (minyak bumi, gas, batu bara, oil shell). Amerika yang menyadari pentingnya persediaan sumber alam untuk masa depan, tidak mau mengeksplorasi habis-habisan sumber kekayaan alamnya, dan  lebih banyak mengambil dari Timur Tengah dan termasuk juga dari Indonesia. Perusahaan minyak besar milik Amerika banyak yang beroperasi di Indonesia.

Apa yang salah dengan Indonesia? Kenapa Indonesia sepertinya sulit untuk jadi negara maju?

Indonesia gagal mencerdaskan kehidupan bangsa yang merupakan cita-cita proklamasi. Mencerdaskan bangsa merupakan pengembangan potensi, penduduk yang cerdas merupakan  sumber daya. Penduduk tidak cerdas…

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Cosmic Rays, Sunspots, and Beryllium


Periodicity Analysis

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Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach

In investigations of the past history of cosmic rays, the deposition rates (flux rates) of the beryllium isotope 10Be are often used as a proxy for the amount of cosmic rays. This is because 10Be is produced, inter alia, by cosmic rays in the atmosphere. Being a congenitally inquisitive type of fellow, I thought I’d look to see just how good a proxy 10Be might be for solar activity. Now most folks would likely do a search of the literature first, to find out what is currently known about the subject.

I don’t like doing that. Oh, the literature search is important, don’t get me wrong … but I postpone it as long as I possibly can. You see, I don’t want to be mesmerized by what is claimed to be already known. I want to look whatever it is with a fresh eye, what…

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